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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Interiors Exteriors

David Linneweh
"Refurbished Landscape (Nebraska City 1)"
oil on panel
12" x 16"


Vilhelm Hammershøi (painting)
Andrew Wyeth (painting)
Antonio Lopez Garcia (painting, drawing)
Richard Ehrlich (photography)

Larry Francis (painting)
James Williams (painting)

Judy Gelles (photography)
Todd Hido (photography)

Rebecca Rothfus (painting)
Charles Sheeler (painting)
David Linneweh (painting)

Edward Hopper (painting, printmaking)
Hans Habeger (painting, drawing)
Emilio Sanchez (painting)
Michael Perrone (painting, drawing)

Sam Duket (relief sculpture)

Paul Balmer (painting)

Sonya Sklarloff (painting)
Tracey Snelling (etc.)

Adriana Varejao (painting, photography, drawing)

Alec Soth (photography)
Stephen Shore (photography)
Gideon Bok (painting)

Thomas Demand (photography)

Amy Casey (painting)
Jennifer Harrison (painting)

Sarah McKenzie (painting)

List updated 3/22/10

more to come....
want to add to this list? Please comment with an Artists name working in this manner.

Friday, August 28, 2009

New! Now!

Sorry for the lack of an opening visual but these Artists are not grouped by "Image" but by Newness(?) and/or Nowness(?) ....... Thank you and I hope you enjoy the list!


John Zoller (painting, drawing etc.)

Joey Slaughter (you name it..)

Julie Weitz (painting, drawing)

Candice Smith Corby (mixed media)

Jan Vormann (site-specific etc.)

Brian Alfred (gif's, animations)

Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla (installation, video etc.)

Magnolia Laurie (painting, structures)

Ida Ekbald (painting, assemblage, sculpture)

French Artists known as "Kolkoz" speak about a group of their works:

List updated 5/27/10

much more to come.......

want to add to this list? please comment with an Artist name that you want to see here.


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