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Friday, November 6, 2009

The Surreal

"Natural Natural History (Satan's Sloop) 2005 67 x 34 18 inches


Inka Essenhigh (painting)

Laura Owens (painting, drawing)
Jared Pankin (sculpture)
Gregory Euclide (relief etc.)

Alex Gross (painting, mixed media)

Rene Magritte (painting)
Eric White (painting)

Salvador Dali (painting)

Jean Arp (painting, sculpture)
Joan Miro (painting)

Francis Picabia (painting)
Lari Pittman (painting)

Man Ray (photography, painting)

Max Ernst (painting)
Drew Beckmeyer (painting)

David Hockney (painting, printmaking, photography etc.)

Dana Schutz (painting)

Matthew Hansel (painting, drawing, object)

Amy Kligman (painting, installation)

(List updated 6/22/10)
much more to come!
Add to this list with a comment of an Artist(s) name I missed.


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