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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"Relief" in the Un-Traditional

" No Title 8" by Sam Duket
cast resin/mixed media 8"x8" 2006


Tatiana Berg

list updated 11/18/11
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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dada and the "esque"


Hans Richter
Arthur Segal
Marcel Duchamp
Tristan Tzara
Marcel Janco
Richard Huelsenbeck
George Grosz
John Heartfield
Man Ray
Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven
Arthur Cravan
Guillaume Apollinaire
Andre Breton
Kurt Schwitters
Vilmos Huszar

List added 12/22/09

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Friday, November 6, 2009

The Surreal

"Natural Natural History (Satan's Sloop) 2005 67 x 34 18 inches


Inka Essenhigh (painting)

Laura Owens (painting, drawing)
Jared Pankin (sculpture)
Gregory Euclide (relief etc.)

Alex Gross (painting, mixed media)

Rene Magritte (painting)
Eric White (painting)

Salvador Dali (painting)

Jean Arp (painting, sculpture)
Joan Miro (painting)

Francis Picabia (painting)
Lari Pittman (painting)

Man Ray (photography, painting)

Max Ernst (painting)
Drew Beckmeyer (painting)

David Hockney (painting, printmaking, photography etc.)

Dana Schutz (painting)

Matthew Hansel (painting, drawing, object)

Amy Kligman (painting, installation)

(List updated 6/22/10)
much more to come!
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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


by Kelly McCallum


Melissa Gable (collage etc.)

Deirdre Murphy (painting, printmaking)
Roberley Bell (sculpture, installation)

Patricia Traub (painting)
Joseph Piccillo (drawing)

Alessandra Exposito(sculpture, painting)

Kate Javens(paintings)
Elisabeth Nickles (sculpture)

Kelly McCallum (sculpture/taxidermy)
Thomas Grunfeld (taxidermy/sculpture)

Walton Ford (printmaking, watercolor etc.)

Heather Jansch (sculpture)

Kimberly Witham (photography)
Will Gorlitz (painting)

Franz Marc (painting)

list updated 12/1/10

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Interiors Exteriors

David Linneweh
"Refurbished Landscape (Nebraska City 1)"
oil on panel
12" x 16"


Vilhelm Hammershøi (painting)
Andrew Wyeth (painting)
Antonio Lopez Garcia (painting, drawing)
Richard Ehrlich (photography)

Larry Francis (painting)
James Williams (painting)

Judy Gelles (photography)
Todd Hido (photography)

Rebecca Rothfus (painting)
Charles Sheeler (painting)
David Linneweh (painting)

Edward Hopper (painting, printmaking)
Hans Habeger (painting, drawing)
Emilio Sanchez (painting)
Michael Perrone (painting, drawing)

Sam Duket (relief sculpture)

Paul Balmer (painting)

Sonya Sklarloff (painting)
Tracey Snelling (etc.)

Adriana Varejao (painting, photography, drawing)

Alec Soth (photography)
Stephen Shore (photography)
Gideon Bok (painting)

Thomas Demand (photography)

Amy Casey (painting)
Jennifer Harrison (painting)

Sarah McKenzie (painting)

List updated 3/22/10

more to come....
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Friday, August 28, 2009

New! Now!

Sorry for the lack of an opening visual but these Artists are not grouped by "Image" but by Newness(?) and/or Nowness(?) ....... Thank you and I hope you enjoy the list!


John Zoller (painting, drawing etc.)

Joey Slaughter (you name it..)

Julie Weitz (painting, drawing)

Candice Smith Corby (mixed media)

Jan Vormann (site-specific etc.)

Brian Alfred (gif's, animations)

Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla (installation, video etc.)

Magnolia Laurie (painting, structures)

Ida Ekbald (painting, assemblage, sculpture)

French Artists known as "Kolkoz" speak about a group of their works:

List updated 5/27/10

much more to come.......

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sculpture and the like......

Hand Puppets by Paul Klee


Hans Accola (wood, etc.)

Constantin Brancusi (marble, limestone, bronze, wood etc.)
Martin Puryear (wood, etc.)

David Smith (steel, etc.)

Pablo Picasso (bronze, sheet metal etc.)
Jacques Lipschitz (stone etc.)
Tony Cragg

Auguste Rodin (bronze)
Joshua Koffman (bronze)

Rebecca Warren (unfired clay, etc.)

Kathryn Spence (fabrics, various)

Lauren Clay (paper, wood, paint etc.)

Alessandra Exposito (sculpture, painting)

Richard Haden (painted wood carvings)

Cara Blaine (wood, found object, various)

(list updated 9/16/10)

more to come............................

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Also visit my Minimalist and Figurative posts.

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Landscape.........

"A Planet's Encouragement" 2007 C-print mounted on aluminium by Eileen Neff


Joseph Mallord William Turner (painting)
April Gornik (painting, printmaking, drawing)
Eileen Neff (photography)
Frederic Edwin Church (painting)
Richard Ehrlich (photography)

A.J. Casson (painting)
Paul Cezanne (painting)

Claire Sherman (painting, drawing)
A.Y. Jackson (painting)
Albert Pinkham Ryder (painting)
Jane Schenthal Frank (painting)

Camille Pissarro (painting)John Constable (painting)
Canaletto (painting)

Robert Havell (painting, printmaking)
Grant Wood (painting)
Vincent van Gogh (painting)

Emily Carr (painting)

Thomas Doughty (painting)
Nicolaes Berchem (painting)

Milton Avery (painting)
Nell Warren (painting)
David Hockney (painting, printmaking)
David Pirrie (painting)

Diane Burko (painting, photography)
Nino Malfatti (painting)

(list updated 3/22/11)

more to come......................

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P.s. also visit the Colorist, Fauvist post for more landscape painters...

Tom Thomson (painting)
Kate Bright (painting)
Sylvia Plimack Mangold (painting, installation)

Thursday, June 11, 2009


"Portrait of Francesco Clemente" by Philip Iverson


David Hockney (painting, drawing)
Anh Duong (painting, sculpture)
Francesco Clemente (painting)

Vincent van Gogh (painting)
Susanna Coffey (painting)
Philip Iverson (painting)
Henri Matisse (painting)
Alice Neel (painting)

Paul Cezanne (painting)
Robert Henri (painting)

Chuck Close (painting)
Andy Warhol (printmaking)
Storm Tharp (painting, drawing, video, installation)

Cecilia Beaux (painting)
Thomas Eakins (painting)

John Singer Sargent (painting)
Sir Hubert von Herkomer (painting)
Carolus-Duran (painting)
Thomas Sully (painting)

Clarity Haynes (drawing)
Julia Margaret Cameron (photography)
George Catlin (painting)

Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres (painting)
Rembrandt van Rijn (painting, drawing)
Frans Hals (painting)

Sarah Stolfa (photography)
Karel Funk (painting)

(list updated 7/1/10)

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Still Life............

(list updated 6/6/11)

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Graffiti, Street Art.........

"Elephant" by Tristan Manco

There are alot of great sites that do these kinds of work justice, please visit them:

(great site, lots of images and links, and even a book available)

(forums and more)

family tree:

Art of the State (website)

more to come.................

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Monday, June 8, 2009


Installation by Doris Salcedo

Family Tree:

Tara Donovan
Rachel Whiteread

Christo and Jeanne-Claude

Vito Acconci

(list updated 10/18/09)

Kara Walker talks about one of her Installations

more to come....................

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Selections in Figurative Art and the Nude..........

"Nude" (Anna Akhmatova) 1911 by Amedeo Modigliani

Family Tree:

Egon Schiele (painting, drawing)
Ghada Amer (painting, sculpture)
Jason Thielke (laser cut/etched drawings)
Elisa Johns (painting)

Antony Gormley (sculpture etc.)

Amedeo Modigliani (painting, sculpture)
Henry Moore (sculpture)
Alberto Giacometti (sculpture, drawing)
David Altmejd (sculpture)

Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres (painting, drawing)
Scott Noel (painting)
Lucian Freud (painting)

Paula Rego (painting, printmaking)
Sydney Goodman (painting)
Suzanne Schireson (painting, drawing)
Jenny Kanzler (painting, drawing)
Paul Gauguin (painting)
Danny Hein (watercolor)

Melora Kuhn (painting, sculpture, drawing)
Will Barnett (printmaking, painting)
Djamel Tatah (painting)
Alex Katz (printmaking etc.)
Stephan Balkenhol (sculpture)

Frida Kahlo (painting, drawing etc.)
Francesco Clemente (painting)

Katy Grannan (photography)
Pamela Wilson (painting)

Kehinde Wiley (painting)

Robert Rooney (painting)

Elmer Bischoff (painting)

Anh Duong (painting, sculpture)

Edwin Dickinson (painting)
Clare Grill (painting)

Diem Chau (drawing, sculpture)

(list updated 5/12/10)

more to come.....................

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Abstract (including, but not limited to the lyrical and the poetic)

"Composition V" 1924 by Theo van Doesburg


Sharon Horvath (painting, works on paper)

Barnett Newman (painting)
Marketa Klicova (painting, drawing, printmaking, other)
Lloyd Martin (painting)
Stuart Cumberland (painting)

Jean Arp (painting, sculpture)
Janine Miedzik (painting)
Barbara Hepworth (sculpture)
Arthur Dove (painting)
Catherine Brooks (painting, printmaking)
Chen Wenguang (painting)

Matthew Rich (painting, murals)
Brooke Moyse (painting)
Sarah Morris (painting)
Frank Stella (painting, sculpture)
Peter Plagens (painting, assemblage)

Sophie Tauber (painting, sculpture)
Robert Goodnough (painting)
Piet Mondrian (painting)
Ron Gorchov (painting)
Ellsworth Kelly (painting, sculpture)
Mary Heilman (painting, printmaking)
Matthew R. Murphy (painting, sculpture, drawing)
Richard Bottwin
John Tallman (painting, works on paper)
Joe Fyfe (painting, drawing, photograph)
Theo van Doesburg (painting)
Richard Schur (painting)
Rodney Carswell (painting)
Bernard Frize (painting)
Anne Seidman (painting, drawing)
Jonathan Lasker (painting)
Juan Usle (painting)
Tim McFarlane (painting)
Peter Rune Christiansen (painting)
Heidi Pollard (painting)
Paul Behnke (painting)
Bradley Fesmire (painting)
Darra Keeton (painting)
Gunther Forg (painting)
Robert Motherwell (painting)
Richard Aldrich (painting)
Caio Fonseca (painting, printmaking)
Bill Weiss (painting)
Howard Hodgkin (painting)
Wil Jansen (painting)
Pia Fries (painting)
Roger Kizik (painting)

Plamen Veltchev (drawing, printmaking)
Bill Komoski (painting)
Todd Keyser (painting)

Maria Britton (painting)
Beatriz Milhazes (painting)
Kathryn Neale (painting)
Reed Danziger (painting)
Glenn Goldberg (mixed media, painting)

Amanda Reeves (painting)
Tomas Nakada (painting)

Jack Pierson (found object/relief, photo, drawing etc.)
Peter Pezzimenti (painting)

Richard Wright (painting, printmaking)

Charlene von Heyl (painting)
Charles Burwell (painting)
Beatriz Milhazes (printmaking, painting, etc.)

(list updated 10/14/2011)

more to come.................

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Pop Art,...

"Three Machines" (1963) by Wayne Thiebaud

Wayne Thiebaud (painting)
Gunter Beier (painting)

Jasper Johns (painting, sculpture, printmaking)
Andy Warhol (pritmaking, etc,)
Manolo Valdés (painting, collage, printmaking)


John Zoller (painting, drawing etc.)


Roy Lichtenstein (painting, sculpture etc.)

(list updated 11/04/09)

more to come.............

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Colorist, Fauvist,

"Hide and Seek ll" 2008 by Marlene Rye

Family Tree:

Henri Matisse
André Derain
Marlene Rye
Maurice de Vlaminck
Kees van Dongen

(list posted 6/07/09)

more to come.........

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Photorealism - Realism

"Jolie Madame" by Audrey Flack

Family Tree:

Richard Estes (painting)
Audrey Flack (painting, sculpture)
Charles Bell (painting)
Idelle Weber (painting)
Kate Bright (painting)
Duane Hanson (sculpture)
Malcolm Morley (painting, sculpture)

(list updated 9/18/09)

more to come............

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Saturday, June 6, 2009


"View Point" by Richard Serra

Family Tree:

Agnes Martin (painting)
Warren Rohrer (painting)
Ron Slowinski (painting)
Barnett Newman (paiting)
Jessica Dickinson (painting, works on paper)
Nancy Haynes (painting)
Kevin Finklea (painting)
Robert Ryman (painting)

Richard Serra (sculpture)
Donald Judd (sculpture)

Mel Bochner (mixed media)

Brice Marden (painting)

Frank Stella (painting, sculpture)
Brian Wills (painting)
Ellsworth Kelly (painting)
Steven Baris (painting)

John McCracken (sculpture)
Dan Flavin (sculpture, light)

(list updated 1/20/10)

more to come...............

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Assemblage, "Combine", Collage, Mixed Media...

Sevilla-Serie Nr. 29 by Daniel Spoerri

Family Tree:

Joseph Cornell
Jerry Meyer

Robert Rauschenberg (mixed media, combine)
Erika Calesini (mixed media, combine)
R.L. Croft (mixed media, sculpture, combine, drawing)

Louise Nevelson (sculpture, assemblage)
Nathan Skiles (sculpture, assemblage)

Shinique Smith (collage fabric, sculpture)
Tom Friedman (sculpture)
John Chamberlain (sculpture)
Alex Paik (mixed media)

Daniel Spoerri (assemblage, painting)

Edward Kienholz (installation)
Peter Bonde (painting, drawing, sculpture, movies, other)

Meredyth Sparks (painting)

Donald Baechler (mixed media)

David Hominal (painting, sculpture)
Kat Cope (fibers, mixed media, printmaking)

(list updated 9/23/10)

more to come...........

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