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Friday, June 5, 2009

Manifesto 1

"Most people ignorantly suppose that artists are the decorators of our human existence, the esthetes to whom the cultivated may turn when the real business of the day is done. But actually what an artist is, is a person skilled in expressing human feeling.... Far from being merely decorative, the artist's one...of the few guardians of the inherant sanity and equilibrium of the human spirit that we have."

-Robert Motherwell

Francesco Clemente talks with Charlie Rose


This is the Inaugural post! The intent is to order and gather those Artists that are connected in visual art. Troughout this blog Artists are grouped together, more or less, by visual appearence. I hope you will contribute and make this blog richer. You say "Joseph Cornell" and I say "Michael Dinges" and so a branch grows! You say "Mark Rothko" I say "Ellsworth Kelly" and another branch grows! So the story begins and the blog is sprouting. This blog exists to help us all find other Artists, that we haven't seen, which may be of interest to us. May you find what you are looking for!

Thank you -Phillip J. Mellen

P.s. Lets all help get a database that resembles "those sites" for music! One for the Painters! One for the Sculptors! One for the Printmakers! ETC.!

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