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Friday, June 12, 2009

The Landscape.........

"A Planet's Encouragement" 2007 C-print mounted on aluminium by Eileen Neff


Joseph Mallord William Turner (painting)
April Gornik (painting, printmaking, drawing)
Eileen Neff (photography)
Frederic Edwin Church (painting)
Richard Ehrlich (photography)

A.J. Casson (painting)
Paul Cezanne (painting)

Claire Sherman (painting, drawing)
A.Y. Jackson (painting)
Albert Pinkham Ryder (painting)
Jane Schenthal Frank (painting)

Camille Pissarro (painting)John Constable (painting)
Canaletto (painting)

Robert Havell (painting, printmaking)
Grant Wood (painting)
Vincent van Gogh (painting)

Emily Carr (painting)

Thomas Doughty (painting)
Nicolaes Berchem (painting)

Milton Avery (painting)
Nell Warren (painting)
David Hockney (painting, printmaking)
David Pirrie (painting)

Diane Burko (painting, photography)
Nino Malfatti (painting)

(list updated 3/22/11)

more to come......................

Want to add to this lst?
Please comment with other Artist's names working with landscape as a subject..

P.s. also visit the Colorist, Fauvist post for more landscape painters...

Tom Thomson (painting)
Kate Bright (painting)
Sylvia Plimack Mangold (painting, installation)

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