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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Abstract (including, but not limited to the lyrical and the poetic)

"Composition V" 1924 by Theo van Doesburg


Sharon Horvath (painting, works on paper)

Barnett Newman (painting)
Marketa Klicova (painting, drawing, printmaking, other)
Lloyd Martin (painting)
Stuart Cumberland (painting)

Jean Arp (painting, sculpture)
Janine Miedzik (painting)
Barbara Hepworth (sculpture)
Arthur Dove (painting)
Catherine Brooks (painting, printmaking)
Chen Wenguang (painting)

Matthew Rich (painting, murals)
Brooke Moyse (painting)
Sarah Morris (painting)
Frank Stella (painting, sculpture)
Peter Plagens (painting, assemblage)

Sophie Tauber (painting, sculpture)
Robert Goodnough (painting)
Piet Mondrian (painting)
Ron Gorchov (painting)
Ellsworth Kelly (painting, sculpture)
Mary Heilman (painting, printmaking)
Matthew R. Murphy (painting, sculpture, drawing)
Richard Bottwin
John Tallman (painting, works on paper)
Joe Fyfe (painting, drawing, photograph)
Theo van Doesburg (painting)
Richard Schur (painting)
Rodney Carswell (painting)
Bernard Frize (painting)
Anne Seidman (painting, drawing)
Jonathan Lasker (painting)
Juan Usle (painting)
Tim McFarlane (painting)
Peter Rune Christiansen (painting)
Heidi Pollard (painting)
Paul Behnke (painting)
Bradley Fesmire (painting)
Darra Keeton (painting)
Gunther Forg (painting)
Robert Motherwell (painting)
Richard Aldrich (painting)
Caio Fonseca (painting, printmaking)
Bill Weiss (painting)
Howard Hodgkin (painting)
Wil Jansen (painting)
Pia Fries (painting)
Roger Kizik (painting)

Plamen Veltchev (drawing, printmaking)
Bill Komoski (painting)
Todd Keyser (painting)

Maria Britton (painting)
Beatriz Milhazes (painting)
Kathryn Neale (painting)
Reed Danziger (painting)
Glenn Goldberg (mixed media, painting)

Amanda Reeves (painting)
Tomas Nakada (painting)

Jack Pierson (found object/relief, photo, drawing etc.)
Peter Pezzimenti (painting)

Richard Wright (painting, printmaking)

Charlene von Heyl (painting)
Charles Burwell (painting)
Beatriz Milhazes (printmaking, painting, etc.)

(list updated 10/14/2011)

more to come.................

Want to add to this list?
Please comment with Artist name(s) working in this manner.


  1. Martha Sedgwick abstract Painting and works on paper

  2. abstract paintings and assemblage



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