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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Assemblage, "Combine", Collage, Mixed Media...

Sevilla-Serie Nr. 29 by Daniel Spoerri

Family Tree:

Joseph Cornell
Jerry Meyer

Robert Rauschenberg (mixed media, combine)
Erika Calesini (mixed media, combine)
R.L. Croft (mixed media, sculpture, combine, drawing)

Louise Nevelson (sculpture, assemblage)
Nathan Skiles (sculpture, assemblage)

Shinique Smith (collage fabric, sculpture)
Tom Friedman (sculpture)
John Chamberlain (sculpture)
Alex Paik (mixed media)

Daniel Spoerri (assemblage, painting)

Edward Kienholz (installation)
Peter Bonde (painting, drawing, sculpture, movies, other)

Meredyth Sparks (painting)

Donald Baechler (mixed media)

David Hominal (painting, sculpture)
Kat Cope (fibers, mixed media, printmaking)

(list updated 9/23/10)

more to come...........

want to add to this list?
Please post a comment with those Artists you want to see here.

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  1. Joanna G. Whitney an Intuitive Multimedia Artist - who also does psychic drawings for people with readings at blog



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