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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sculpture and the like......

Hand Puppets by Paul Klee


Hans Accola (wood, etc.)

Constantin Brancusi (marble, limestone, bronze, wood etc.)
Martin Puryear (wood, etc.)

David Smith (steel, etc.)

Pablo Picasso (bronze, sheet metal etc.)
Jacques Lipschitz (stone etc.)
Tony Cragg

Auguste Rodin (bronze)
Joshua Koffman (bronze)

Rebecca Warren (unfired clay, etc.)

Kathryn Spence (fabrics, various)

Lauren Clay (paper, wood, paint etc.)

Alessandra Exposito (sculpture, painting)

Richard Haden (painted wood carvings)

Cara Blaine (wood, found object, various)

(list updated 9/16/10)

more to come............................

Please comment with Artists you would like to see here.

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